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Mario Van Peebles and Nicolas Cage to Tell the USS Indianapolis Story

One of the greatest monologues in cinema history is delivered by Robert Shaw in JAWS, when his character Quint talks about surviving the tragic sinking of the USS Indianapolis. That real life incident was later dramatized in the 1991 TV movie MISSION OF THE SHARK: THE SAGA OF THE USS INDIANAPOLIS. Other potential Indianapolis movies have come up from time to time, but have never made it...
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Trailer, poster and release date for sexy murder mystery Liars All

The trailer and poster for LIARS ALL , a provocative new murder mystery starring Sara Paxton, have just been revealed and we're pleased to share them with you. It certainly looks like they've got some sexy goings-on here, even if the drama seems a bit flat. But you've got sexy girls, three-ways, NC-17 truth-or-dare action, and of course, murder! Guess we'll wait and see. The...
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