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Bad Kids Go to Hell with this NSFW clip

Phase 4 Films released BAD KIDS GO TO HELL on DVD today and with that we've got two new clips to grab your attention, and trust me, they will. Below you'll find two clips, one is red band for nudity and features the event that landed Megan (Amanda Alch) in detention and it's definitely warranted but oh so worth it! This horror-comedy was written and directed by Matthew Spradlin and...
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Judd Nelson busts some balls in new Bad Kids Go To Hell clip!

Due in limited release this weekend is Matthew Spradlin's BAD KIDS GO TO HELL , starring the great John Bender himself, Judd motherf*ckin' Nelson. If that name isn't enough of a draw on its own (and it should be), perhaps this new clip of Nelson giving the business to a bunch of snot nose little punks will help. It sure did for myself! Also featuring Ben Browder (Farscape, Stargate...
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