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Dune (Arrow Recommends)

"Arrow Recommends is a column that has my sorry ass advise older movies to your royal asses. I will be flexible in terms of genres i.e. I will cover whatever the bleep I want. For now, it will be the way to keep my voice on the site." PLOT: After a dire betrayal, Paul (Kyle MacLachlan) oils up his psychic powers and wrangles up a horde of desert warriors & giant...
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Max von Sydow will be honored at Sitges 2016

At 87 years old, Swedish actor Max von Sydow has a career that spans 67 years and 156 credits. He has done pretty much everything, from Swedish arthouse films like THE SEVENTH SEAL and WILD STRAWBERRIES to studio blockbusters like STAR WARS: EPISODE VII - THE FORCE AWAKENS and the outside-of-canon James Bond film NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN, in which he played Bond's iconic nemesis...
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Dissecting Director William Friedkin!

DIRECTOR WILLIAM FRIEDKIN Can you believe THE EXORCIST turns 40 years old this Christmas? Craziness, right!? And no doubt, as the anniversary of the film grows closer and closer, we can expect to see and hear about all kinds of revivals, re-releases, retrospectives, commemorations and the like. But I want to do a little something different. I instead want to shine the...
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Kill of the Day: Judge Dredd (1995)

Is it just me or do people really like Judge Dredd? First there's the comic, then we've got the 1995 flick starring Sylvester Stallone and lastly there's DREDD 3D. For the most part all of these get their fair share of praise. That's pretty impressive. Though some might debate the praise for JUDGE DREDD I'm sure most of the AITH readers out there enjoy it. So for today's Kill of the Day...
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Exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from Solomon Kane; on DVD/Blu-Ray today

At long last, SOLOMON KANE is on DVD and Blu-Ray today! For those of us who have been patiently waiting for the James Purefoy-starring sword and sorcery action/horror film to hit shelves, the wait is finally over as Anchor Bay and Radius-TWC has delivered the film on DVD and Blu-Ray, and to celebrate we have a very cool EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes featurette to share with you...
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At long last, Solomon Kane hitting DVD/Blu-Ray stateside in July

If you've been patiently waiting to finally check out SOLOMON KANE on DVD or Blu-Ray, your wait will soon be over as Anchor Bay and Radius-TWC have set a release date of July 16, 2013 for the long-delayed (at least in our neck of the woods) film. It was many moons ago that our friends across the pond in the UK were able to scoop up the James Purefoy-starring flick that our...
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