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Mark Duplass will be begging for Mercy

Stephen King's works have been translated to screen so many times it's hard to remember them all. And with any great writer whose works get the big screen treatment, there have been just as many horrible adaptations of The Master's work as there have been good ones. We're all keeping our fingers crossed that the upcoming MERCY (based on King's short story 'Gramma' from his short story...
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Peter Facinelli joins Dylan McDermott in claustrophobic chiller Freezer

There's just something unnerving about the idea of freezing to death. Just look at how the characters in Adam Green's FROZEN dealt with the threat of freezing to death in that modern classic. Yeah, some folks would go to extremes to avoid an unrelentingly cold demise. The cold makes for a formidable foe and that's part of the idea behind the upcoming thriller FREEZER . Today we...
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