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Netflix acquires Mercy, a home invasion thriller from the writer of Buried

  Writer Chris Sparling made a big splash a few years back with his spec script BURIED , which was made into a superb, claustrophobic thriller by Rodrigo Cortes and Ryan Reynolds. After that, he penned ATM (not so superb) and REINCARNATE, which was supposed to be produced by M. Night Shyamalan but hasn't found much forward progress in the last few years. He directed the little seen THE...
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Blumhouse thrillers Mockingbird, Mercy, Not Safe for Work hitting DVD soon

Blumhouse Productions puts out a lot of movies, this we know. Some make it to the big screen, some... well, they get a bit dumped. Look at the cases of Joe Johnston's NOT SAFE FOR WORK , Peter Cornwell's MERCY , Bryan Bertino's MOCKINGBIRD and Joe Carnahan's STRETCH : all were high-profile when initially announced, all were summarily dropped on VOD with little...
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Trailer for Stephen King adaptation Mercy, starring Chandler Riggs

If you were curious to check out Peter Cornwell's MERCY, an adaptation of Stephen King's frightening short story 'Gramma', then you're in luck as Blumhouse Tilt has quietly released the film on iTunes and now we've got a trailer for the Chandler Riggs-starring tale to share with you. Just as they did with Bryan Bertino's MOCKINGBIRD, Blumhouse Tilt has...
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Updates on Blumhouse's Mockingbird and Stephen King adaptation Mercy

We're big fans of Jason Blum's Blumhouse Productions here at AITH and are always excited when we hear of a new film coming from the company. Blumhouse has been responsible for some of the horror genre's biggest hits from the past several years, including PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, INSIDIOUS, SINISTER and THE PURGE, and there are several other films from the production company that...
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Official Synopsis for Stephen King's Mercy is here

We've known for some time now that there will be an all new adaptation of Stephen King's short story 'Gramma' from his Skeleton Crew collection which will be titled MERCY . The film, from Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions, stars Dylan McDermott, Frances O'Connor, Chandler Riggs, Joel Courtney, Shirley Knight, and Chris Browning. It's quite honestly very difficult to keep...
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Mark Duplass will be begging for Mercy

Stephen King's works have been translated to screen so many times it's hard to remember them all. And with any great writer whose works get the big screen treatment, there have been just as many horrible adaptations of The Master's work as there have been good ones. We're all keeping our fingers crossed that the upcoming MERCY (based on King's short story 'Gramma' from his short story...
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Stephen King's Mercy attracts two more actors, find out who!

What was the last good Stephen King adaptation? Hopefully MERCY is, the newest translation of King's work, this one based on the short story "Gramma" that British director Peter Cornwell is helming. Variety has it that two new actors have been cast in the flick, Shirley Knight and Chris Browning (the latter seen right sporting an oh so sweet 'stache). Details on their specific...
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Dylan McDermott is given Mercy in the Stephen King adaptation

From "American Horror Story" to a Stephen King adaptation...the horror genre is showing no MERCY on Dylan McDermott! According to Variety, McDermott has just been added to the cast of MERCY, Peter Cornwell's adaptation of King's short story "Gramma." As you told you last month, SUPER 8 's Joel Courtney and "TWD's" Chandler Riggs will play the two young leads. Francis O'Connor...
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