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Kill of the Day: "The Walking Dead" (2013)

With AMC's hit zombie drama starting it's fourth season this past weekend I felt it was time yet again for another "Walking Dead" clip for the Kill of the Day! I doubt any of you have complaints about that. Especially when you see which clip we've got today! From the end of Season 3 today we're treated to Norman Reedus' Daryl doing the unthinkable and finally bringing his brother Merle...
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Three new images from The Walking Dead ep. 309 come shambling in

It's been a long two months since THE WALKING DEAD took a mid-season hiatus, exiting on a cliffhanger that left fans clamoring to know what was going to happen next. The wait is almost over as Rick and company will be returning this Sunday, February 10. While we anxiously count down the hours until THE WALKING DEAD hits the airwaves we have a handful of pics from Season 3.5 to whet your...
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