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Watch a new clip from David Hayter's Wolves, starring Jason Momoa

The David Hayter-directed WOLVES released today on VOD and we’ve got a new clip to go along with the exclusive one we hit you guys with a few days ago. Check that out HERE . In the latest clip we see a couple of kids sneak up on a campfire surrounded by a few lads chomping down on what looks like man-meat. Delicious! Once you've finished up with the below clip, be sure to...
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Exclusive clip from David Hayter's Wolves, starring Lucas Till

Here's ya something to howl over! On tap for ya this morning we've got our hairy little hands on an EXCLUSIVE clip from David Hayter's WOLVES, which is set to see its VOD release on October 16, followed by a limited theatrical run on November 14. This beastly and bloody clip features some badass bikers learning first-hand why you shouldn't even try your hand at fighting a werewolf....
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Beastly new stills from David Hayter's Wolves, starring Jason Momoa

The David Hayter-directed WOLVES is about to see its VOD release on October 16th before hitting theaters on November 14th, and today weíve got a peek at a handful of new stills from the film, featuring a good look at its glorious practical effects. While I canít say how this one is going to turn out, youíve got to hand it to these guys for bringing their monstrous creations to life...
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David Hayter's Wolves picked up for distribution

It has been many moons since we've heard any news worth howling over regarding David Hayter's werewolf-themed action/horror WOLVES, which stars Lucas Till and Jason Momoa, but now we've learned that Hayter's directorial debut has been acquired for U.S. rights by Ketchup Entertainment, according to Deadline. Written by Hayter, the film stars X-MEN: FIRST CLASS‘...
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New promo poster for David Hayter's Wolves bites

Having caught a sneak peek of WOLVES at San Diego Comic-Con this past July, I can say I'm not quite sold on the film, as it mostly resembles slightly more butch TWILIGHT. Nevertheless, there are some interesting practical werewolf effects in it, which should make it of interest to at least some of you... Here we have a new promo poster for the David Hayter-directed film, showing off stars...
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