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Post-apocalyptic game Metro 2033 headed to the big screen

  I'm unfamiliar with the title METRO 2033 , but apparently it's both a book (actually, a series of books) and a video game, the latter being a very successful first-person shooter. Add another piece of media to the pile: METRO 2033 is about to become a feature film, too. Mega-producer Michael De Luca, who has titles like THE SOCIAL NETWORK, MONEYBALL, CAPTAIN PHILLIPS...
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Sanitarium Massacre to hit PC and THQ gives Metro: 2033 free!

It's been a while since we've had a good round-up of horror gaming news, so let's get down to brass tax. In the best news gamers have gotten in a while, THQ is giving out free, I repeat FREE, copies of METRO: 2033. The critically acclaimed first person shooter will only be available until December 16th but should get you primed to pre-order the follow-up, METRO: LAST LIGHT...
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