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Cool Horror Gear: Mezco makes Pinhead adorable with deluxe figure

There is a variety of opinions on  HELLRAISER III: HELL ON EARTH , which tends to be considered either "the last good HELLRAISER" or the entry where the franchise had its first dip in quality, but regardless of what people think about the movie itself I think many of us could agree that the new deluxe HELLRAISER III Pinhead figure Mezco Toyz has created is totally...
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Cool Horror Gear: Talking Chucky doll from Mezco Toyz

Mezco Toys have announced that they are making what could be the ultimate collectible for fans of the CHILD'S PLAY franchise. This fall, for the price of $94, fans of foul-mouthed, homicidal "Good Guy" doll Chucky will be able to own their own talking Good Guy replica. Before he became possessed by the Spirit of Charles Lee Ray—a serial killer better known...
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Cool Horror Gear: Talking Chucky doll from Mezco is horrifying!

Here's a good way to make sure sleepless nights are in your future: The new megascale talking "Good guy" Chucky doll from Mezco Toyz! Just look at that bastard. Can you picture him sitting on your shelf, staring at you as you hide under the blankets? Chucky stands 15" tall and features real cloth Good Guys clothing, 11 points of articulation and his trademark orange hair and...
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Cool Horror Gear: Annabelle figure from Mezco Toyz!

'Twas only a few weeks ago that we let you know Mezco Toyz would be putting out a series of figures inspired by THE CONJURING and its forthcoming prequel ANNABELLE . Today we're able to show you the toyline's Annabelle Living Dead Doll, which you can see below. Per Mezco's official site: Annabelle figure will stand ten inches tall and feature five points of articulation. She...
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Mezco Toyz announces new collectible line for The Conjuring and Annabelle

Last year James Wan’s THE CONJURING became one of the highest grossing horror films of all time, and in it we were introduced to ANNABELLE , a terrifying doll that will find her way back to the big screen on October 3rd. Now, Mezco Toyz wants to get in on the action as they have just announced that they have acquired the license to produce some unholy merchandise based on the...
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Cool Horror Gear: New Chucky figure from Mezco

Here's a good reason to part ways with some of that Christmas cash you've got laying around as Mezco has revealed their latest Chucky figure! It wont be released until the summer, but you can pre-order it right now at the official Mezco website . Read on for all the goods! "We’re friends to the end!” Of course, with Chucky as your friend, the end comes...
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Cool Horror Gear: Mezco Toyz announces new Chucky doll

Fans of CHILD'S PLAY will be pumped to know that Mezco Toyz has just announced a new 15 inch Mega Scale Chucky doll and it looks pretty ridiculous. They've designed a fantastic replica of the horror icon and spent countless hours going through reference material; from photos, to stills from the film and even other surviving Chucky dolls. The new doll is ostensibly a screen accurate...
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