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Killer croc flick The Hatching wraps production

A new killer croc flick that is being billed as "HOT FUZZ meets JAWS" is inching closer to the surface as Screen Daily is reporting that the Michael Anderson-helmed THE HATCHING has wrapped production. Based on a screenplay by Nick Squires and starring Greg Davies ("Inbetweeners"), Thomas Turgoose, Sylvia Syms and "Primeval's" Andrew Lee Potts, THE...
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Horror Whores: Logan's Run (1976)

Looks like they had the right idea back in the 70s for what the future had in store for society. At least I really like their idea! I'm talking about the classic sci-fi romp LOGAN'S RUN and that awesome sex club/brothel that was in the flick. Let's be honest, we're not that far from this reality. Pretty crazy right? Well for right now we get to enjoy that sexy clip as today's Horror...
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Kill of the Day: Logan's Run (1976)

For today's Kill of the Day I've decided to go with a nice classic sci-fi romp. Sure it may be kind of cheesy, but come on - it's hard not to love! That's right folks, I'm talking about LOGAN'S RUN! For today's Kill I picked that epic carrousel death scene where a bunch of people get shot up into the sky and shot down. Sounds good to me! Logan's Run (1976)...
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