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Next Alien film to focus more on A.I. & David than Aliens

I think it's safe to say director Ridley Scott's ALIEN: COVENANT was a misfire in most directions. But one thing that cannot be argued (by the sane at least) is how amazing Michael Fassbender was as both David and Walter. Fittingly then it seems that the next planned film set within the world of ALIEN and PROMETHEUS will turn the focus of the saga from those pesky...
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A serial killer called The Snowman taunts Fassbender in new trailer

Michael Fassbender is out to stop a serial killer called THE SNOWMAN in the new international trailer for director Tomas Alfredson's adaptation of the Jo Nesbø bestseller.  The first trailer hit on a hot summer day back in July, but now the weather is getting cooler, working hand-in-hand with the debut of this new trailer to indicate that THE SNOWMAN is coming....
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James Cameron gives his thoughts on Alien: Covenant

It has now been months since we were all finally able to check out the new ALIEN film by original franchise director Ridley Scott - and I think it's safe to say the general reaction wasn't on the bright side. That said, what did James Cameron aka the writer/director of the original ALIEN sequel ALIENS think of Ridley Scott's new prequel? Well, Mr. Cameron...
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Fassbender and Ferguson track a killer in The Snowman trailer

A trailer has arrived online for THE SNOWMAN , director Tomas Alfredson's adaptation of the Jo NesbÝ bestseller, and its visuals and creepy tone have made me very hyped for this film. It helps that the last time Alfredson turned a genre novel into a snowbound feature, he managed to make one of my favorite movies of all time: LET THE RIGHT ONE IN . It also helps that Alfredson...
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Ridley Scott teases Ripley's mother in future Alien prequel

One of the things that ALIEN: COVENANT sorely needed was Sigourney Weaver. And a plot. All jokes aside, I think a little Ripley would really help out the slowly failing franchise quite a bit. We don't need full-on ALIENS Ripley massacring xenomorphs, but a little Ripley goes a long way. Use her. Turns out director Ridley Scott may be planning just that as he was recently...
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Here are the 12 deleted/extended scenes we'll see on Alien: Covenant Blu-ray

Back on Monday, we shared with you guys the new details on the upcoming Blu-ray release of Ridley Scott's ALIEN: COVENANT . In that post , we shared some broad strokes insights into what the disc(s) would contain including deleted/extended scenes, five featurettes, a "Master Class" documentary on Ridley Scott and more. Today we have more in-depth info on just what...
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Alien: Covenant Blu will have around 100 minutes of special features

I wasn't a fan of Ridley Scott's ALIEN: COVENANT , with my reaction falling along the lines of Eric Walkuski's 3/10 review , far below Jake Dee's 9/10 . Even though I didn't like the movie very much, I am a bit of a completist when it comes to film franchises, which means that I will eventually own a copy of COVENANT on DVD/Blu-ray. I have every other ALIEN movie, so I have to have...
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There are still some Engineers left over to be in the next Alien movie

Ridley Scott insists on continuing with his plan to make prequels to ALIEN , even though the whole endeavor is turning out rather terribly. Obviously Scott doesn't agree with my "terrible" opinion. And honestly, even though I was underwhelmed by PROMETHEUS and didn't like ALIEN: COVENANT , I do see that the prequel series needs to have at least one more...
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Neomorph vs Xenomorph fight scene was cut from Alien: Covenant

And here I thought we were finally finished with all this ALIEN: COVENANT news. Guess I was wrong. That said, the following story is more in the realm of a rumor than say cold hard fact, so I guess we don't have to call it "news" if we don't want to. If you saw ALIEN: COVENANT in theaters this past summer I have some pretty cool news about a potential scene that...
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AITH: Weekly Wrap-up June 5th-9th, 2017

Welcome to the AITH: WEEKLY WRAP-UP of the week June 5th-9th, 2017 . This week we learned Doug Bradley would absolutely return as Pinhead, Neill Blomkamp's ALIEN 5 is officially dead and much, much more! If you missed something this week, or just feel like going back through and seeing which bits and pieces of news hit home the hardest, scroll below and check out the...
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Alien: Covenant prequel novel sounds lame as hell

Okay, so let's break this down a bit. First, we heard that there was to be an ALIEN: COVENANT sequel novel called ALIEN COVENANT 2: THE OFFICIAL SE QUEL TO THE BLOCKBUSTER FILM . Then we got word that the book was to be called ALIEN: ORIGINS . Now we have word that the book is called ALIEN: COVENANT - ORIGINS . But the book - which is now available to pre-order on Amazon - is...
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See David's drawings of what happened to Shaw before Alien: Covenant

As you might expect from the headline, there are SPOILERS in this article. ALIEN: COVENANT did its best to sever some of the major dangling threads left over from PROMETHEUS as quickly as possible, tossing ideas aside and ditching the character of Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, the PROMETHEUS heroine played by Noomi Rapace, in a way only slightly less harsh than the deaths of Hicks...
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