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Tremors pilot starring Kevin Bacon wraps filming

It was only earlier this month we brought you guys the sad news that Michael Gross was evidently not asked to be a part of the upcoming SyFy channel  TREMORS TV reboot starring Kevin Bacon. While it definitely sucks that we'll have no Burt Gummer this time around, we are still looking forward to the new series. And today we just learned that the pilot episode has...
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Michael Gross is not in the Tremors mini-series with Kevin Bacon

Back in 1990, the classic creature feature TREMORS introduced us to a great group of characters, the residents of a small Nevada town called Perfection. Among them were Kevin Bacon as Valentine McKee, a handyman who becomes a hero, and Michael Gross as Burt Gummer, a survivalist with a rec room full of guns. When Perfection is invaded by subterranean monsters called Graboids, the...
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Tremors pilot starring Kevin Bacon starts filming this month

The tiny town of Perfection, Nevada has found a new home. It sounds weird to say that a town has moved, but the little place we first saw in the 1990 classic TREMORS has been reconstructed in a few different locations over the course of the franchise. For the first movie the town was built in Lone Pine, California. Since then Perfection locations have included Valencia, California;...
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Toks Olagundoye joins Tremors mini-series, Tremors 6 has been pushed to May

Casting continues for the pilot episode of the Tremors mini-series that will see Kevin Bacon reprising the role of Valentine McKee nearly thirty years after the original TREMORS film. So far Bacon's co-stars include Emily Tremaine as Val's disapproving daughter Emily; Megan Ketch as Mindy Sterngood, a character who was a little girl in the original TREMORS and has grown up...
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Michael Gross shares an image from the Tremors 6 ADR stage

As a huge fan of the TREMORS franchise, I will grasp on to any little piece of information I can get about TREMORS 6 as it makes its way toward its January release. Thankfully, star Michael Gross is a sharing kind of guy, and has posted a TREMORS 6 status update of sorts on his Facebook account. Earlier this week, Gross shared a picture of himself with TREMORS 5 and 6...
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Kevin Bacon says Tremors TV series is not dead yet!

One of my fondest memories of the original Kevin Bacon- starring TREMORS flick was while working at Blockbuster, I threw the film on one time, telling my manager at the time that the film was a harmless kid's movie for adults. He wasn't too sure but let me put the flick on anyways. It was only as the film played that I realized all of my childhood viewings of the film...
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Universal is aiming to release Tremors 6 in January 2018

After shepherding the franchise through four feature films and a thirteen episode television series, the creators of TREMORS were not involved with 2015's TREMORS 5: BLOODLINES beyond writing the initial script. While I was disappointed by that turn of events and had issues with some things the new creative team of screenwriter John Whelpley (who had previously written TREMORS...
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Tremors 6 will feature a new icy Dirt Devil we've never seen before

Okay, here is what we know about the new TREMORS movie so far; Jamie Kennedy will enter the belly of a Graboid , the town of Perfection will be visited for the first time in thirteen years , and in the film "someone will have to figure out how to milk a Graboid!" (see synopsis below).  Still no word on if Burt will ride raptors for America, as featured in the image...
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Jamie Kennedy enters the belly of the beast in Tremors 6

It's a rare thing for a character to be swallowed by one of those subterranean creatures known as Graboids and live to tell the tale. TREMORS franchise hero Burt Gummer (played by Michael Gross) got to see the Graboid digestive system up close in TREMORS 3: BACK TO PERFECTION, and one of his associates in TREMORS 5: BLOODLINES also survived becoming a hot lunch. Judging by...
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Tremors 6 will visit the town of Perfection, Nevada

It's been a while since we've seen the tiny town of Perfection, Nevada, which was besieged by the monsters known as Graboids in the 1990 classic TREMORS . The town saw more monster action in TREMORS 3: BACK TO PERFECTION and the thirteen episode Tremors TV series that ran on the SciFi Channel in 2003, then the prequel film TREMORS 4: THE LEGEND BEGINS took us back to the...
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Tremors 6 starring Michael Gross & Jamie Kennedy begins production

I stopped watching the TREMORS movies after part 2. I have a genuine love for the original Kevin Bacon flick and consider it to be one of the great modern creature-features. It never gets old! I also had a blast watching TREMORS 2: AFTERSHOCKS back in the day. I took a chance and re-watched that sequel a year or two ago now and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was just...
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Tremors 6: Michael Gross shows off the cast and an injury

After working his way up into the starring role, Michael Gross has been carrying the TREMORS franchise on his shoulders for a couple decades now, continuing the fight against Graboids, Shriekers, and Ass-Blasters through multiple sequels and even a 13 episode television series that added more creatures into the mix. Not only is Gross a delight to watch in the role of survivalist /...
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