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Troma remasters The Toxic Avenger II for Blu-Ray and DVD combo

Love 'em or hate 'em, Troma knows how to treat their shlock with style. Their latest remastered release, their cult classic sequel THE TOXIC AVENGER PART II , has arrived in a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack with director's commentary, an "At home with Toxie" featurette, an interview with villainess Lisa Gaye, and clips with Toxie from Japanese T.V. The...
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Horror Whores: Troma's Edge TV

'Horror Whores' is a pretty broad title, isn't it? With that single title you basically group every female to ever be in a genre flick together. But who is the queen? The top of the mountain. Who is THE Horror Whore. This particular question could spark one hell of a debate but I'll skip right to the end for you - THE Horror Whore is Tiffany Shepis. The chick is smoking hot, cool and...
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