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Michael K. Williams talks working with the Ghostbusters and Slimer

Although filming on director Paul Feig's reboot of GHOSTBUSTERS wrapped production way back in September, the project still remains largely shrouded in secrecy. Some light will be shed on it when the trailer premieres on March 3rd, but in the meantime one mystery has been solved. We now know what sort of character cast member Michael K. Williams is playing in the film....
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Teaser for the Ghostbusters trailer asks a familiar question

One thing about modern marketing that I'm really not into is the whole "trailer for a trailer" thing, but marketing departments sure seem to like doing it.  The latest example is the trailer announcement trailer for director Paul Feig's reboot of GHOSTBUSTERS , which can be seen below. It does feature fleeting seconds of imagery from the film that...
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The Ecto-2 gets a sweet remodel in the Ghostbusters reboot

There are a lot more things being changed for the GHOSTBUSTERS reboot than the genders. While it's almost impossible to believe that any re-imagining could possibly be better than the original film, it's a great move for the film to carve its own path. The newest development is a redesign of the Ecto-2, the two-seater autogyro from The Real Ghostbusters. It has...
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Images feature the new Ghostbusters and their receptionist

Some new pictures have dropped online from what has been everybody's favorite movie to complain about for a while now, Paul Feig's upcoming reboot of GHOSTBUSTERS . These images can be viewed below, and while they certainly aren't the most spectacular shots that could be used to promote the film (we still haven't gotten any hints of paranormal activities in anything we've seen from the...
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New image gives an official look at Paul Feig's Ghostbusters

In the midst of production on his GHOSTBUSTERS reboot, director Paul Feig shared a picture of his 'busters team standing next to their version of the Ecto-1, giving us what has been our only non-spy-picture look at the group. Now that the film is making its way through the post-production process, Planet Ghostbusters have revealed what is being called the "first official image", a...
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Charles Dance a late confirmation for Paul Feig's Ghostbusters

Although filming on Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS reboot wrapped back in September , we have only now learned, via the folks over at Inverse, that veteran character actor Charles Dance is part of the cast. Dance currently has 126 acting credits to his name, so you may recognize him from any number of things, but listed among those credits are ALIEN 3 , UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING ,...
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Annie Potts will appear in Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot

We know that original Ghostbusters Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson will all be making cameo appearances in director Paul Feig's new take on GHOSTBUSTERS , pictures have even shown Hudson on set during the last day of filming. As it turns out, the 'busters aren't the only cast members of the original film to have shot scenes for the reboot. Annie Potts, who...
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Paul Feig's Ghostbusters has wrapped; Ernie Hudson made a cameo

Among the many who had a negative response when director Paul Feig's female-led GHOSTBUSTERS reboot was first announced was original Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson, who told the UK Telegraph at the time,  "I heard it was going to be a total reboot, and that it would have nothing to do with the other two movies. If it has nothing to do with the other two movies, and...
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Director Paul Feig provides the names of his Ghostbusters

In response to fans using behind-the-scenes pictures from the set of his GHOSTBUSTERS reboot to try to figure out the names of the new team of 'busters, director Paul Feig took to his Twitter account, which he has previously used to give us official looks at the Ghostbusters , the Ecto-1 , the uniforms , and a proton pack , to reveal the names of the characters....
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McCarthy, Wiig, Jones, and McKinnon spotted in their Ghostbusters uniforms

A couple days ago , an image of Melissa McCarthy wearing her ghost busting uniform leaked out from the Boston set of director Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS reboot. Where there's one Ghostbuster, the others usually aren't far behind, and now a new picture shows McCarthy standing with her fellow 'busters Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon, all suited up, ready to...
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Melissa McCarthy spotted in Ghostbusters uniform; director reveals Ecto-1

With filming on the GHOSTBUSTERS reboot currently underway, news about the Boston production and behind-the-scenes pictures are coming out at a rate comparable to ghosts escaping from a deactivated containment system. About a week ago, director Paul Feig gave us our first look at the uniforms his female Ghostbusters will be wearing. The uniforms were just hanging on a rack in his...
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Ghostbusters director Paul Feig shows how to build your own Proton Pack

With his female-led GHOSTBUSTERS  reboot in the midst of production in Boston, director Paul Feig is currently a very busy man, but he's not using that as an excuse to leave fans monitoring his Twitter account out in the cold. A week ago, the filmmaker tweeted a picture of the uniforms his Ghostbusters team - Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones - will be...
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