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Trailer: Campers find horror in Chupacabra Territory

I feel like the classic cryptid the chupacabra has potential in the horror genre - it has name recognition, and its bloodsucking ways could put it in the center of some solid creature features. Unfortunately, the few chupacabra movies I've seen haven't come close to fulfilling its potential. Writer/director Matt McWilliams is the latest filmmaker to bring the chupacabra to...
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The Haunting of Alice D., starring Kane Hodder, gets a new trailer

Two and a half years after we shared the first trailer and poster for writer/director Jessica Sonneborn's THE HAUNTING OF ALICE D. , the movie is finally less than a month away from being released onto DVD and VOD. To build up to its long-awaited release, distributor RLJ Entertainment has released a new trailer for the film. THE HAUNTING OF ALICE D. tells a horror story that...
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The Haunting of Alice D, starring Kane Hodder, is coming to your home in May

THE HAUNTING OF ALICE D. , formerly known as simply ALICE D., has been on our radar for a while now. We featured the first trailer and poster for the film back in November of 2013, and now we finally have some good release date news to share - RLJ Entertainment will be releasing THE HAUNTING OF ALICE D. onto DVD and VOD on May 3 rd. Written and directed by Jessica Sonneborn,...
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The Inhabitants, from the writers of The Ward, comes home in January

Here's an early Christmas present for scribes Michael and Shawn Rasmussen, the fellows who wrote JOHN CARPENTER'S THE WARD . FilmRise has acquired North American home media rights to THE INHABITANTS , which the brothers wrote and directed. FilmRise will distribute on Blu-ray/DVD January 5th. Starring Elise Couture, Michael Reed, India Pearl, Vasilios Asimakos, THE...
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The Inhabitants coming from the writers of John Carpenter's The Ward

Michael Rasmussen and Shawn Rasmussen, the screenwriters behind John Carpenter's THE WARD , made their directorial debut with the haunted psychiatric hospital movie DARK FEED , and are now following that up with the Salem, Massachusetts-set horror film THE INHABITANTS . THE INHABITANTS was shot in Salem at the Noyes-Parris House, whose 1690s inhabitants helped get the...
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Barney Burman wants to bring Wild Boar men to the screen

If you say you want to make a movie that's like "PLANET OF THE APES, but with pig people," you will immediately have my full attention, and that's exactly how writer/director Barney Burman describes WILD BOAR , the horror project he's currently trying to get off the ground. (Presumably muddy ground, good for the pig people to wallow in.) A veteran effects artist and "third...
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First trailer, poster for Kane Hodder-starring haunted mansion thriller Alice D.

If Kane Hodder is involved it has my interest! On tap for ya right now is the first trailer and poster for Jessica Sonneborn's haunted mansion thriller ALICE D., a new indie flick that also stars Al Snow, Juan Riedinger and Eliza Swenson. Produced by Kristina Page, Christopher D. Maltauro and Josh Hammond, the film is about... In the late 1890s the Davenport House was a...
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