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Cult of Chucky is locked and ready for release!

During the filming of the newest entry in the CHILD'S PLAY series, CULT OF CHUCKY, we were hit with new pics/news seemingly ever damn hour. Since production wrapped, there has been little in the way of new news of the CHUCKY front. Until today... Last night, Chucky creator and CULT OF CHUCKY writer-director Don Mancini took to Twitter to let the world know that...
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New set of stills for Christian Slater's Stranded have made contact

The upcoming sci-fi horror flick, STRANDED , directed by Roger Christian will be making first contact on VOD June 21st before having its limited theatrical run on July 26th. I still don't know how I feel about this one yet, but I've always enjoyed watching Slater, so if anything I'll give this one a go just to see him fight a shape-shifting alien — that in itself...
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New trailer, poster and release date for Christian Slater-starring Stranded

Back in February we told you about an upcoming sci-fi/horror flick from director Roger Christian titled STRANDED, sharing with you a poster and teaser trailer for the Christian Slater-starring flick, and today we have a brand new poster and all-new trailer for you to check out below, as well as news on when you can finally find yourself STRANDED with the film as it hits theaters....
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Christian Slater gets Stranded in this new trailer, poster for sci-fi horror

Back in November Eric dropped the news that the Christian Slater-starring sci-fi horror pic STRANDED had been picked up by Image Entertainment and today we have a look at the trailer and new poster art for the thriller. STRANDED is directed by Roger Christian who most of us remember as the cat who helmed the deplorable BATTLEFIELD EARTH , but we'll try to not hold that against him...
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