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Steve Guttenberg returns for a volcano spider rematch in 2Lava2Lantula

I wasn't quite as enamored with last year's LAVALANTULA as I was with director Mike Mendez's previous arachnid creature feature BIG ASS SPIDER! , but I loved the idea of pitting a cast led by POLICE ACADEMY stars against giant, lava-spewing spiders. Mendez did not return to helm the LAVALANTULA sequel that Syfy greenlit just days after the film made its premiere, but...
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Lavalantula sequel has already been greenlit

LAVALANTULA , Mike Mendez's latest giant spider epic (starring Steve Guttenberg!) aired on July 25th during SyFy's ever popular Sharknado week. Hoping to piggyback on the success of SHARKNADO (which just saw its second sequel - SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO! - and has a fourth flick on the way, with Tara Reid's fate hanging in the balance ), they've already...
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Big Ass Spider director Mike Mendez to unleash Lavalantula for SyFy

How many of you got caught up in the web of Mike Mendez's BIG ASS SPIDER ? I know I did and I got a big kick out of that fun little flick. Now The Hollywood Reporter is sharing that Mendez is moving on to an even more terrifying kind of arachnid: the LAVALANTULA - a fire-spewing, eight-legged terror that will be coming to SyFy next year. Fire Burns...Lava Bites. And you can...
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New trailer for Gingerclown 3D is deliriously crazy

It has been a while since we've seen the likes of GINGERCLOWN 3D , which features Tim Curry as the titular monster. A new trailer, called the "Mad Monsters Edition", has emerged from the depths to freak us out. The flick doesn't look like high-art or anything, but it certainly seems like a bizarre concoction, to say the least. Prepare yourself for a looong synopsis: 1983: A...
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