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Cool Horror Videos: Everly trailer remix by Mike Relm

Just one week away from the theatrical release of Joe Lynch’s crimson colored thriller EVERLY , a new “mash up” trailer created by world-renowned DJ and filmmaker Mike Relm has been released. This remix of the Vega, Baby! produced and Radius/TWC distributed action thriller perfectly captures the “gonzo” nature of the film. Relm’s masterful artistry...
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Cool Horror Videos: Mike Relm's Chucky remix

We've got a really cool horror video to send you folks off into your weekend with a smile—especially for you CHUCKY fans! The below video was released today at the New York Comic Con and it's a mash-up created by the talented Mike Relm. I've been staring at the internet for a few hours and this is easily the best thing on it right now… and that's saying a...
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Texas Chainsaw 3D trailers get remixed

  Here's another situation where I can't tell if something's really, really bad or just an amusing novelty. Whatever it is, DJ Mike Relm has taken the trailer footage of TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D and recut it as a music video called "Welcome To Texas." As you can probably tell by the title, the video takes that super cheesy Tania Raymonde "Welcome to Texas, motherf---er" line and makes it...
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