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The 2015 Arrow in the Head Mistress of the Year: Vera Farmiga

VERA FARMIGA Watch Bates Motel S1 here! Order Bates Motel S1-2 here! WHY SHE'S ARROW’S 2015 MISTRESS: A handful of names crossed my mind as to whom would be this year's Mistress of the Year. And for a while there I had settled on one young actress with a couple of credits under her belt. That was sticking until I realized that the oh so...
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The 2014 Arrow in the Head Mistress of the Year: Sarah Snook!

SARAH SNOOK Watch Jessabelle here! Pre Order Predestination here! WHY SHE'S ARROW’S 2014 MISTRESS: I really had a hard time settling on a 2014 MISTRESS OF THE YEAR. Lots of name went through my head; like Rosamund Pike for GONE GIRL or Maika Monroe for THE GUEST (and IT FOLLOWS, which I have yet to see); but every time a name came...
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The 2013 Arrow in the Head Mistress of the Year! Lena Headey!

LENA HEADEY WHY SHE'S ARROW’S 2013 MISTRESS: I’ve had LENA HEADEY in mind in terms of being ARROW IN THE HEAD’S MISTRESS OF THE YEAR since 2008 for her work in the underrated THE BROKEN and the canned too soon TV Show THE TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. Then in 2009 she popped up in my head again due to her appearances in LAID TO REST and...
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The 2012 Arrow in the Head Mistress of the Year! Gretchen Lodge!

"I can't remember the last time I saw such a fearless, powerful, heartbreaking, scary and layered performance in a horror film. Gretchen Lodge simply blew me away!  " - John Fallon aka The Arrow WHY SHE'S ARROW’S 2012 MISTRESS: Well this is a first on the site! Usually, when the end of the year comes and I have to pick a MISTRESS OF THE YEAR , I focus on...
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