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Will the same three masked-killers return in Strangers 2?

It wasn't too long ago now that we first shared the news the sequel to Bryan Bertino's classic home-invasion flick THE STRANGERS was finally set to be filmed this summer. A few weeks later we then shared some words per Bertino himself about how thrilled and excited he was about the sequel. Now we are starting to hear the real scoops from behind the scenes. Mainly will...
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Bryan Bertino is thrilled & excited about The Strangers 2

The original THE STRANGERS was written and directed by Bryan Bertino. He has since gone on to direct MOCKINGBIRD and THE MONSTER. He also produced the Oz Perkins-helmed THE BLACKCOAT'S DAUGHTER. rDead Central chatted with Bertino about THE BLACKCOAT'S DAUGHTER (which he produced) and asked him about THE STRANGERS 2 while they were at it. Drinking game idea: drink a shot...
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Blumhouse thrillers Mockingbird, Mercy, Not Safe for Work hitting DVD soon

Blumhouse Productions puts out a lot of movies, this we know. Some make it to the big screen, some... well, they get a bit dumped. Look at the cases of Joe Johnston's NOT SAFE FOR WORK , Peter Cornwell's MERCY , Bryan Bertino's MOCKINGBIRD and Joe Carnahan's STRETCH : all were high-profile when initially announced, all were summarily dropped on VOD with little...
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Trailer for Bryan Bertino's found footage thriller Mockingbird

Wow. Blink and you would have certainly missed Bryan Bertino’s found footage thriller MOCKINGBIRD , which has already been released on VOD platforms. We now have a trailer for Bertino’s latest, offering us our first good look at the film. If you’re getting sick of the found-footage format then you might want to look away because this is about as found-footage as it...
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Bryan Bertino's Mockingbird arrives this month on VOD and DVD

It's been a long time since we last heard any word on THE STRANGERS director Bryan Bertino's found footage-style thriller MOCKINGBIRD, with our last update coming way back in February. Now we've learned that the film will be quietly debuting on Digital HD next week on October 7, followed by a DVD release exclusively at Wal-Mart on October 21 from Universal and the...
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Updates on Blumhouse's Mockingbird and Stephen King adaptation Mercy

We're big fans of Jason Blum's Blumhouse Productions here at AITH and are always excited when we hear of a new film coming from the company. Blumhouse has been responsible for some of the horror genre's biggest hits from the past several years, including PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, INSIDIOUS, SINISTER and THE PURGE, and there are several other films from the production company that...
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