Alien: Covenant, It Comes at Night & The Shape of Water all snag R-ratings

It's rating roundup time here at AITH and we have three new flicks ALL recently slapped with the old R-rating courtesy of the MPAA. They are Ridley Scott's ALIEN: COVENANT , Trey Edward Shults' IT COMES AT NIGHT and Guillermo del Toro's THE SHAPE OF WATER. Nice. I like to see horror flicks snagging R-ratings! I'm not against PG-13 horror, but being that I...
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Ridley Scott's other alien film Phoenix Forgotten gets MPAA rating & trailer

It's an easy thing to do to forget (natch) that Ridley Scott has another alien-themed flick coming out this year. PHOENIX FORGOTTEN is a found footage fright flick and will hit us April 21st.  Just in time for the film's release, we have news that the flick will be rated PG-13 for "terror, peril and some language". And we have an all-new trailer for you to peep below as well....
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Sony's Venom will be an R-rated horror flick!

We weren't sure if we should be covering the upcoming Marvel/Sony adaptation of VENOM . I mean sure he skews into horror territory but we all agreed our time would be better suited bring you guys the scoops on "straight" horror flicks, thank you very much. That said, this might all change as of today as we are getting news that not only is VENOM set to be a horror/...
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Saw: Legacy rated R for sequences of grisly bloody violence and torture

The eighth installment in the Saw franchise, SAW: LEGACY will be hitting screen this Halloween. As if there was any doubt and if anyone was worried, sleep tight because the new SAW film has just been slapped with an R-rating by the MPAA for: Sequences of grisly bloody violence and torture, and for language. The new SAW film will pick up over a decade after the death of the...
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Rob Zombie's 31 is sparring with the MPAA to avoid an NC-17

And the battle rages on... Rob Zombie's 31 is fighting the war that many a horror film has waged with the MPAA. The film has been sent for review twice and received an NC-17 both times. In today's post- EVIL DEAD world, you'd think the MPAA would be a little more lax, but their inconsistency seems to be their only constant. The team is making another pass at the film,...
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Latest TV spot for Gil Kenan's Poltergeist ups the jump scare factor

Truth be told, I haven't really been sold on Gil Kenan's upcoming POLTERGEIST (I guess I'm just a Negative Nancy or something) and most of the trailers and TV spots haven't done much to convince me otherwise. However, we've just landed the latest TV spot, titled 'Music Box', and it certainly ups the jump scare factor. Is it effective enough to sway me to...
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Gil Kenan's Poltergeist remake haunted by a PG-13 rating

This is one we can't get too up in arms about: The POLTERGEIST remake, which has been spookily reticent to show itself to us, has been given a PG-13 rating by the overlords at the MPAA. The first film was rated PG and scared us all out of our wits when we were kids, so this is no big deal. The new take on the Tobe Hooper-directed, Steven Spielberg-produced classic earned its...
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Final poster for Annabelle, starring Ward Horton; in theaters today

So, do you have any big plans for the weekend? How about making a date with ANNABELLE ? The spinoff of last years hit THE CONJURING finally haunts theaters today, and now New Line Cinema has dropped the final poster for the flick on us. Peep it below. I'm actually quite curious to see how ANNABELLE is received. Our head honcho The Arrow wasn't a fan (peep his review HERE...
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Second TV spot for The Conjuring spinoff Annabelle attaches itself to you

Last week we shared the first TV spot for the upcoming THE CONJURING spinoff ANNABELLE with you, and today we have another TV spot to throw your way. This one hammers home that demons can sometimes attach themselves to objects (in this case it's the creepy titular doll), and this latest TV spot offers a few new looks at the October 3 release while it attaches its nightmarish...
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New TV spot for The Conjuring spinoff Annabelle, starring Annabelle Wallis

Every evil has an origin, and next month we'll learn the terrifying origins of ANNABELLE, the creepy doll that inspired nightmares with her appearance in THE CONJURING. Now we have a new TV spot for the October 3 release, and while things may have 'started out small' they certainly gain frightening momentum here. We just learned that the MPAA slapped ANNABELLE with an...
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Annabelle will be intense and disturbing, according to MPAA

In case you were concerned this October's ANNABELLE would be a watered-down, PG-13 wimpfest, the MPAA has some positive news for you. Just like THE CONJURING before it, ANNABELLE has been slapped with an R rating. "Intense sequences of disturbing violence and terror," is the reason given by the ratings board. To compare, THE CONJURING similarly received the R for "sequences...
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Eva Green responds to Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster controversy

Last week we brought you the news that the MPAA had banned a sexy Eva Green poster for Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's upcoming SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR because it dared to hint at Green's boob and nipple. It's yet another testament to how ridiculous and prudish the organization is, and actually only served to direct more attention to the poster than it would have...
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