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Thomas Jane no longer involved with Wet House

Yesterday we shared the news that Zero Gravity had set up Mukunda Michael Dewil (VEHICLE 19) to helm the upcoming thriller WET HOUSE, a film that originally had Thomas Jane (THE PUNISHER) onboard to both star and direct . This announcement left many wondering if Jane was still attached to appear in the film even though Dewil had taken over directing duties, and now our...
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Zero Gravity sets Mukunda Michael Dewil to helm Wet House; will Thomas Jane still be involved?

Back in February we shared the news on an upcoming psychological thriller-horror titled WET HOUSE that, at the time, was set to star and be directed by Thomas Jane from a screenplay by Jack Reher, but today Deadline is reporting that another director has signed on to take the helm of the project. Fresh off the release of his Paul Walker thriller VEHICLE 19, South African...
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