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Necessary Evil: The Monster Squad Sequel!

Greetings, my horror-loving friends and welcome back to round 3 of our new Necessary Evil column. I had fun messing around with the whole horror-on-a-holiday trope with our last Necessary Evil and hope that you did too. For today's idea entry, we would like to continue to feed our Halloween spirit as our favorite holiday is rapidly approaching by bringing up a classic film...
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Frankenstein Vs. The Mummy (Movie Review)

PLOT: Young medical philosopher Victor Frankenstein seeks to prove immortality by reanimating a corpse of various body parts and harvested organs. His Egyptologist girlfriend, Naihla, just discovered an ancient accursed mummified pharaoh that she's had delivered to campus for study. It's time two legendary horror icons square-off in FRANKENSTEIN VS. THE MUMMY. REVIEW:...
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Cool Horror Gear: Hammer Horror Figures

If you're a horror fan chances are good that you know Hammer Horror. Hammer Films was a UK-based film production company best known for their Gothic horror films from the 1950's through the 70's that included DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS, FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED and THE MUMMY. At one time Hammer dominated the horror market, producing a ton of classic genre films as well as helping...
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Cool Horror Videos: Horror Icons Do Have a Heart!

Who says horror villains don't hold a heart of gold?! I know one person who doesn't believe such to be true, the maker of this cool horror video we have below. In it you'll see many of our favorite horror icons: Freddy, Jason, Dracula, Chucky, the Mummy - as they show a little love to this wistful sound of "Silent Night." I personally have no idea why Darth Vader is present, but what...
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