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Original Vs. Remake: House of Wax

Even though I was against it, calling a tie with our last Original Vs. Remake now actually seems like the right call. Judging by everyone's comments, both versions of Piranha offered much to love. The classic suspense was a big plus for Joe Dante's take, while Kelly Brook was a heavy seller for Alexandre Aja's re-telling. Good show! Today as the summer season continuously heats up,...
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Kill of the Day: Mother of Tears (2007)

Dario Argento has got one twisted mind. There's no arguing that. Sure the dude might be loosing it a little... but hasn't it always seemed that way? What am I getting at? One of Argento's latest - 2007's MOTHER OF TEARS. For today's Kill of the Day I've got a nice little gem from this flick where these two chicks unleash some kind of evil and one of them gets royally f*cked up! One...
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