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New Amityville film lands director of Never Sleep Again

It was only two days ago now that we shared the news that there was a new AMITYVILLE HORROR flick in the works called THE HAUNTING ON LONG ISLAND: THE AMITYVILLE MURDERS and this time the film would forgo the Lutz family and instead focus on the real-life murder of the DeFeo family. I was really excited by this news as I think that is the truly chilling tale to be told in...
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New Amityville: The Awakening poster has a legend

I have a new AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING poster to show you. It's down below. But in making this post I got a bit obsessed with the bulls*t history of the new AMITYVILLE HORROR flick. If you're interested, I'll go through it all here. Here is the sorted history of Blumhouse's AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING.  In December of 2013, we reported the new film was set...
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AITH Podcast: My Amityville Horror and the Amityville Horror franchise discussed!

LISTEN TO THE AITH PODCAST NOW! Blood Bullets & Broads: The AITH Podcast is at its drunkest yet as we take on the grindhouse classic EATEN ALIVE (10:02) from director Tobe Hooper and revel at how insanely nasty and dirty it is. We then take on Richard Matheson's THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE (15:32) for the week's Netflix Movie of the Week. But wait--there's more!...
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Go inside My Amityville Horror with some new clips

One of the most interesting things about the fascinating documentary MY AMITYVILLE HORROR is that whether or not you believe what Daniel Lutz says about his experience with the house, there's no denying that it's one hell of a story. We've got a couple of new clips for you guys to check out below and they do a great job of reeling you into what he has to say. In case you're on the fence...
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Review: My Amityville Horror

PLOT : Daniel Lutz was only ten-years-old when he and his family notoriously fled the house on 112 Ocean Avenue in what is known as THE AMITYVILLE HORROR. In this documentary, filmmaker Eric Walter spends time with the now older Lutz who has a family of his own. Still haunted by his childhood, he talks candidly about the nightmare. REVIEW : THE AMITYVILLE HORROR terrified me in my...
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Final poster art for documentary My Amityville Horror reflects on the past

IFC Films recently announced a March 15 limited theatrical and VOD release of Eric Walter’s excellent doc MY AMITYVILLE HORROR , which features Daniel Lutz, Laura DiDio and Lorraine Warren. With the release looming, we now have the final theatrical poster from the flick that will be easily accesible on SundanceNOW, Xbox, iTunes, PS3 and others. Check it out below. For the first...
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Official trailer for My Amityville Horror asks questions

With IFC Films recently announcing a March 15th limited theatrical and VOD release we now have an official trailer for the haunted house documentary from director Eric Walter. I love this trailer, and whether you believe what Daniel Lutz is saying to be true or not, it's still a fascinating looking film that sheds new light on one of the most famous haunted house stories in the world. For...
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IFC gives release dates to My Amityville Horror and the Jeffrey Dahmer Files

IFC has two heavy duty documentaries on their plate, and they're ready to share them with us in 2013. Thanks to Fangoria, we know when the world will be able to behold MY AMITYVILLE HORROR and THE JEFFREY DAHMER FILES ... That is, if we're prepared for them. DAHMER will be unleashed on VOD and in select theaters FEBRUARY 15th. Meanwhile, AMITYVILLE hits VOD and select theaters...
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