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Review: Aftershock (directed by Nicholas Lopez)

YOU CAN ALSO READ ERIC W'S TAKE ON THE FILM HERE PLOT: When a massive Chilean earthquake traps a throng of tourists in an underground nightclub, a harrowing nightmare of chaos, extreme violence and ultimate survival ensues. REVIEW: Earthquakes are f*cking terrifying. As a native Californian, I can attest, particularly having lived through the infamous rumble of '89 (my...
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Details for the theatrical release of Eli Roth's Aftershock

I know what a pain in the ass it can be to not know exactly which theaters a film like Eli Roth's AFTERSHOCK will be playing in when it gets a limited theatrical run, so here's a list of theaters in California that will be showing the upcoming earthquake thriller. So if you live in California and you want to see shit get destoryed this Friday, read on and find out which...
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Dig up the official trailer for the Eli Roth produced horror Aftershock

The last time we heard a rumble from Eli Roth's AFTERSHOCK , our man C.Bum was bestowing the flick with a mediocre 6 out of 10 rating out from TIFF. Been a bit of a wait, but now, thanks to IGN, we finally have some live flickers to share with you. Cop a peek at the trailer below and let us know what you think. Directed by Nicholas Lopez: Chile has it all: gorgeous landscapes,...
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