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Kill of the Day: The Last of Us (2013)

If you guys are like me then you've been playing Naughty Dog's hit PS3 game THE LAST OF US. And if you're like me you've been digging the sh*t out of it! Also if you're like me... you cried like a little b*tch at the beginning. What am I talking about? When the pandemic starts and Joel is trying to escape with Sarah. Yeah you know where I'm going with this. Way to rope you in from the...
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The Last of Us game demo is almost here with us

Naughty Dog is one hell of a good game developer, I loved SLEEPING DOGS , and now its highly-anticipated Playstation 3 exclusive THE LAST OF US is going to have a proper demo for us to enjoy. The first access to THE LAST OF US demo will be given to owners of the upcoming GOD OF WAR: ASCENSION with an entry on the main menu that will give details to the players on how to get the...
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