Bryan Fuller names the writers of his Amazing Stories revival

Created by Steven Spielberg, the anthology series Amazing Stories only ran on NBC for two seasons and a total of 45 episodes, but thirty years after the show went off the air it's still highly regarded and viewers look back on it fondly. I was too young to be watching Amazing Stories at the time, or at least too young to remember if I was in the room while episodes were on...
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NBC is developing a Single White Female television series

It's usually groan-worthy news when it's announced that yet another movie from yesteryear is being turned into a television series, but I have to admit that a lot of the modern movie-to-TV adaptations have turned out quite well, so well that even some projects that looked like sure-fire failures have become successes. For me, the latest announcement of this kind...
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Paranormal Activity 5 writers developing haunted real estate drama series

Two years ago , we reported that Universal Cable Productions purchased the rights to Ian Rogers' 2012 horror short story "The House on Ashley Avenue," and now they're actually doing something about it! NBC is now developing the material into a series, written by PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION scribes Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman. The duo...
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NBC axes David Duchovny-starring Charles Manson series Aquarius

Aquarius , the NBC series revolving around a police investigation into the Manson Family, has officially gotten the axe. The show, which starred David Duchovny, had been subject to a highly experimental distribution policy that apparently didn't work in its favor. While the first season was made available to stream in its entirety following the premiere, the second episode...
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Lost writer to pen NBC's planned Xena reboot

Xena: Warrior Princess ran for six years, from 1995 to 2001. Some might say that's enough, but the hardcore fans disagree. Recently, NBC has also joined their ranks, planning a reboot of the show. The remake will continue to be produced by original helmers Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, who seem committed to only revive their backlog of titles until the end of time. If Ash vs. Evil...
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Eva Longoria and Jason Blum team up for NBC paranormal drama Zone of Silence

Fresh off the upcoming Blumhouse flick VISIONS, Eva Longoria is reteaming with Jason Blum to co-produce the paranormal drama  Zone of Silence for NBC: Zone of Silence is based on a phenomenon/urban myth in the Mapimí desert area of Mexico where radio signals supposedly don’t travel, making for a total communications blackout. [The show] focuses...
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The Watcher news story is becoming a thriller series at NBC

Back in June , the news story of a New Jersey family being tormented by letters sent to their home from a stalker who called themselves The Watcher and demanded the "young blood" of the children captured the attention of people around the world. Production companies sprung into action, everyone seeking to be the first to bring The Watcher to the screen. A project...
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Pilot for a Brides of Dracula TV series in the works at NBC

NBC has given a pilot production commitment to BRIDES OF DRACULA , a "hot gothic soap drama" that centers on Dracula's three vampire brides, having survived their encounter with Van Helsing centuries ago and now residing in modern day New York City. The project comes from CARRIE 2013  /  THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN 2014 screenwriter Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa...
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NBC cancels Hannibal after third season

It's disappointing news for culinary horror fans today as NBC's HANNIBAL is taken off the menu. The show, a prequel to SILENCE OF THE LAMBS starring Hugh Dancy, Laurence Fishburne, and Mads Mikkelson as the titular Hannibal Lecter, the cannibal gourmand, is currently in the middle of its third season.  Showrunner Bryan Fuller released a statement, saying:...
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Constantine officially dead, executive producer says in letter to fans

While it seemed for a while like Constantine , the troubled supernatural TV series based on the popular Vertigo comic Hellblazer, might still have some life in it after being cancelled by NBC last month, that hope has been officially squashed by executive producer Daniel Cerrone. Constantine is officially dead after only one season. In a passionate letter, Cerrone told the show's small...
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NBC to stream complete season of Aquarius online night of premiere episode

Fans of binge-watching that are excited for NBC's upcoming "Aquarius" will find this bit of news intriguing as THR is reporting that the same night of the "Aquarius" two-hour premiere (May 28), all 13 episodes of the drama will also be released on NBC.com, the NBC app and VOD. So if the premiere grabs ya, you won't have to wait week to week to see the series!...
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New trailer for NBC's Aquarius starring David Duchovny and Grey Damon

With all the talk about David Duchovny lately being centered around him reprising his role as Agent Fox Mulder for next year’s X-Files event series, I actually forgot that he had a show headed our way next month, a new series from NBC that focuses on the notorious killer Charles Manson. On tap for you guys today is a new trailer for Aquarius , which you can watch below! The show...
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