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Set photo from Ash vs. Evil Dead teases the Necronomicon

Perhaps the one thing more famous than Bruce Campbell’s character in the EVIL DEAD franchise—Ash—is the Necronomicon, the book inked in human blood that started an entire demonic shit storm. With Ash vs. Evil Dead officially underway for Starz, director Michael J. Bassett gave us our first look at the book after posting an image of it on Instagram, which you can find...
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Cool Horror Gear: Necronomicon poster from Cavity Colors

How would you like to have a gorgeous poster of the ugliest of books hanging on your wall? That's right, the very book that Ash and his soon-to-be dismembered friends discovered in that isolated cabin in the woods can be yours as Cavity Colors will be releasing a brand new limited edition poster of the Necronomicon by artist Aaron Crawford. The poster goes on sale tomorrow, Friday, at 5...
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Horror Ten Spot: 10 Reasons to see Evil Dead this weekend!

Well well friends and fiends, the time is nigh...the EVIL DEAD has been resurrected! Now, I'm like most of you out there, highly skeptical if not downright loathsome of remaking classic films, especially ones that meant so much to all us horror-hounds growing up. And upon first glance, EVIL DEAD seems no different than other remakes simply trying to capitalize on a popular title, no matter...
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Rip into the nasty red-band trailer for the Evil Dead remake!

Ranking #2 on my personal list of most anticipated genre flicks of 2013 is EVIL DEAD , the dubious remake of Sam Raimi's 1981 classic. As such, you can imagine how trepidatious I am watching the new red-band trailer for the flick we have below. F*ck spoilers and f*ck disappointment. I'll leave it you all to scope out and report in the talk-backs! Jane Levy (below), Shiloh...
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