NES Jason: Gameplay and Unmasked

Earlier this week we hit you guys with the news that FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME was getting some updates, the coolest being the addition of retro NES Jason to the proceedings. The retro Jason was added to the game this past Tuesday and today we have some cool shite to share. Below you will find a video that not only shows NES Jason in action, but also the purple people killer...
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NES Jason is being added into the new Friday the 13th game

I haven't gotten a chance to play the newly released Friday the 13th: The Game yet, but it appears that my fellow F13 fans are having a great time playing against each other in online multiplayer games, despite being hindered by some server issues. In an effort to make up for those server problems, the developers at Gun Media have announced they will be offering the first...
4 days ago
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Cool Horror Gear: Neca's wearable NES Jason Voorhees Mask

That beautiful purple and blue bastard, the NES Jason Voorhees, has been all over the place since NECA conjured him up last year for Comic-Con. Now, the crazy mad men behind it all have just revealed their glow in the dark Jason mask! And yes, it’s fully wearable. This full-size, wearable replica of Jason’s mask is based on the 1989 “so-bad-it’s-good”...
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Cool Horror Videos: Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 on NES

After watching SILENT NIGHT, I've have begun plotting a Christmas marathon of the entire SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT franchise. Though the remake and the original are just about on equal terms for me, it is SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT PART 2 that has captured my heart for one reason: "GARBAGE DAY!" If you have not yet experienced the YouTube sensation that is "GARBAGE DAY", we're about to...
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