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New Line sets up a horror project inspired by The Wizard of Oz

Growing up, I was a huge fan of the 1939 musical version of THE WIZARD OF OZ. I was so captivated by the sights and sounds of that movie I started seeking out other sources of Oz-based entertainment. I collected some of the many novels, I watched RETURN TO OZ and eventually some of the Oz movies from the silent era, I was even a member of the official Oz fan club. To this day,...
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Cool Horror Videos: How New Line Destroyed Friday the 13th fan documentary

We're unabashed fans of the FRIDAY THE 13th franchise, but even we can see fault in the way New Line Cinema has handled Jason Voorhees. We're not alone. Editor/Director Paul Zamarelli created a cool fan-made documentary titled HOW NEW LINE CINEMA DESTROYED THE FRIDAY THE 13TH FRANCHISE, and while you may your own opinion of how the property was handled by the studio, Zamarelli...
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James Wan will direct The Conjuring 2!

As we suspected after New Line Cinema/Warner Bros. pushed back THE CONJURING 2 's release from October 23, 2015 to an undisclosed 2016 date, the move was made in order to accommodate director James Wan, who has just been officially announced as the helmer of the much-anticipated sequel. The release date shift will give Wan all the time he needs next spring to promote FAST AND FURIOUS 7,...
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New Line dates 2 unnamed horror films; more The Conjuring spinoffs?

Warner Bros. Pictures has slated two untitled New Line Cinema horror films for 2016, but have yet to reveal what those films could be. Let the speculation begin! Jeff Sneider of The Wrap took to Twitter to dole out the news that New Line would be bringing us two new horror flicks next year, one scheduled to hit on January 29, 2016 and the other penciled in for September 9, 2016....
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Full trailer for Steven Quale's Into The Storm is truly awesome

Could this be the sleeper hit of the summer? Based on this preview, I'd say it's very f*cking likely! Here's the full trailer for New Line Cinema's INTO THE STORM , which was helmed by FINAL DESTINATION 5 director Steven Quale. This looks like an old-fashioned disaster movie with high-tech visual effects and a thrill-ride mentality. In other words, hell yes I'm going storm-chasing...
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Mortal Kombat reboot loses its director

Kevin Tancharoen, who helmed the "Mortal Kombat: Re-Birth" fan film as well as both seasons of "Mortal Kombat: Legacy", took to Twitter to announce that he would be leaving New Line Cinema's long-awaited feature film reboot of the video game-turned-film series. After 3 years of Kombat,I've decided to move on to other creative opportunities. I wish...
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Secret horror pitch from Friday the 13th writers gets picked up by New Line

According to THR, New Line Cinema has just picked up the rights to a secret horror pitch from 2009's FRIDAY THE 13TH writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. The site says, "No details of the pitch are being revealed, but it is described as a potential franchise starter. It is not part of the micro-budget and found-footage trend.” Well that certainly doesn't tell us...
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