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Review: Aftershock (directed by Nicholas Lopez)

YOU CAN ALSO READ ERIC W'S TAKE ON THE FILM HERE PLOT: When a massive Chilean earthquake traps a throng of tourists in an underground nightclub, a harrowing nightmare of chaos, extreme violence and ultimate survival ensues. REVIEW: Earthquakes are f*cking terrifying. As a native Californian, I can attest, particularly having lived through the infamous rumble of '89 (my...
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Dig up the official trailer for the Eli Roth produced horror Aftershock

The last time we heard a rumble from Eli Roth's AFTERSHOCK , our man C.Bum was bestowing the flick with a mediocre 6 out of 10 rating out from TIFF. Been a bit of a wait, but now, thanks to IGN, we finally have some live flickers to share with you. Cop a peek at the trailer below and let us know what you think. Directed by Nicholas Lopez: Chile has it all: gorgeous...
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