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Original Vs. Remake: Halloween

A plethora of Night of the Demons fans agreed that the original deserved to take the top spot in our last Halloween seasoned Original Vs. Remake . Although many still acknowledged the closeness of the contest was valid because the remake was actually quite well made. A nice way to kick off the spookiest month on the calendar. Today, we finally get to our holiday's main event! Many have...
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Where in the Horror are they now? Nick Castle!

NICK “THE SHAPE” CASTLE THEN : Next week I will be making my way to the local theatre to see one of my most anticipated films this year. With my favorite holiday less than a week away, it’s clear I’m not talking about the CARRIE remake. Yes folks, next week I continue a brand new tradition with my own son, we will be going to see John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN in...
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