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Nicolas Cage and Gina Gershon have nanny trouble in Inconceivable

Nicolas Cage and Gina Gershon are set to star in director Jonathan Baker's thriller INCONCEIVABLE , which is scheduled to start filming next month. Written by Chloe King, INCONCEIVABLE tells the following story:  When Katie moves to town with her young daughter in order to start a new life after enduring abuse in her past, she quickly befriends another...
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You can watch From Dusk Till Dawn's season 3 premiere 2 weeks early for free

The good news about living in the online era is that, if you want to sample a show, they're oh so happy to oblige. Most shows stream their pilot episodes for free to snare new viewers, but El Rey is doing you one better. The third season of  From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series will be dropping its first episode  two weeks early  for free on iTunes, GooglePlay,...
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Hell (and Tom Savini) is coming in this From Dusk Till Dawn season 3 teaser

From Dusk Till Dawn season 3 is bringing Hell to Earth in this blood-fueled teaser. But that's not all that's coming to the El Rey show. Co-star of the original film Tom Savini is gracing the series with his indelible presence, and there's a brief but enticing shot of him in this new promo. He'll be playing Burt, a retired pothead demon hunter, so Sex Machine...
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From Dusk Till Dawn season three bares its fangs this September

From Dusk Till Dawn 's ten episode third season is looking to be a real doozy, and El Rey has released some great news. The blood sucking show will return extremely soon, hitting the network on  September 6th at 9PM ET . If you had asked me three years ago if I thought a series based on FROM DUSK TILL DAWN would last more than half a season, I would have laughed in your...
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Trailer: Netflix's Rebirth is not a cult

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. The trailer for the upcoming Netflix original feature REBIRTH has dropped and it looks like a chilling, tempting mix between FIGHT CLUB, THE GAME, and "Hotel California." The film was directed by MR. JONES ' Karl Mueller, and while it looks a little more low budget than Netflix's usual...
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These From Dusk Till Dawn season 3 pics look bloody fun

From Dusk Till Dawn season 3 will rock El Rey this Fall, and now we have our first look at its expanded, bloody universe! Below, you can check out five photos that detail exactly where this wicked little show will be headed now that it has fully broken free from the guiding influence of the original film. Maurice Compte and Nicky Whelan will be joining returning cast...
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Nicky Whelan, Maurice Compte join From Dusk Till Dawn season 3

El Rey's From Dusk Till Dawn series has been resurrected for a third season, because it takes a lot to kill a vampire. They're even boosting their cast numbers, adding the likes of Nicky Whelan (pictured above) and Maurice Compte. Whelan is an Australian actress who has appeared in the popular Aussie soap Neighbors as well as American flicks like HALL PASS and THE...
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Nic Cage faces the end of days in new Left Behind trailer

It's been about 4 months since last updating you all on LEFT BEHIND , the rapturous Nicolas Cage thriller. All that changes this instant with the arrival of the trailer for the post-apocalyptic Vic Armstrong flick. Check that shite undeneath! LEFT BEHIND follows Rayford Steele (Nicolas Cage) who is piloting a commercial airliner just hours after the Rapture when millions of people...
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Lea Thompson joins Nicolas Cage in apocalyptic thriller Left Behind

Best known for playing one of cinema's ultimate MILFs, Lea Thompson (BACK TO THE FUTURE) has joined Nicolas Cage in the film adaptation of the popular book and movie series LEFT BEHIND , according to The Hollywood Reporter. Left Behind chronicles the events following the biblical rapture, when millions of people around the world disappear. Those left behind have to learn to survive in...
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Takashi Shimizu's 7500 finally landing in October?

It's been quite some time since we've heard anything on Takashi Shimizu's long-delayed English language debut, the airplane-based supernatural thriller 7500, with our last report on the film coming way back in May of 2012 when we shared the news that the film had seen some trouble taking off, with the flick being delayed from its original August 2012 release date to an...
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