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Horror Movie Hotties: The Weight of Water (2000)

You may have the relentless urge to point out that Katheryn Bigelow's THE WEIGHT OF WATER isn't a balls out horror film, and more of a suspense-thriller. Well, too bad. After all, the film does contain the element of murder, as well as  Elizabeth Hurley showing her naughty bits in a bikini, which is frankly too great not to be celebrated. Despite the now Oscar-winning...
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Horror Whores: In The Cold of the Night (1990)

While I was out surfing around for today's Horror Whores I stumbled on this little gem from the 90s flick IN THE COLD OF THE NIGHT. Sure it's a pretty lame title but I can pretty much gurantee after you check out this clip the title of the movie will be the furthest thing from your mind. Today's Horror Whores features the sexy Adrianne Sachs and one of the most perfect pair of breasts...
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