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UK poster for Better Watch Out features a weapon both deadly and festive

Back in July, we were able to share the exclusive first look at the poster for the domestic release of director Chris Peckover's holiday horror film BETTER WATCH OUT (formerly known as SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD), which featured a bloody Christmas sweater with an unusual design - snowflakes accompanied by guns, knives, axes, and baseball bats. A similar ugly sweater is found on the...
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Exclusive: First poster for Better Watch Out starring Olivia DeJonge

BETTER WATCH OUT is a film sure to turn some heads this holiday season. A pitch dark horror-comedy that is almost literally indescribable (for fear of spoiling its surprises), it very well could end up being a love-it or hate-it proposition for many. And those who love it will really love it, and those who hate it might really hate it. I saw it last year and quite dug it, but...
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Better Watch Out, aka Safe Neighborhood, headed to theaters in October

I really can't wait for folks to see this one. I saw SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD at last fall's Fantastic Fest in Austin and it absolutely made an impression on me. It's an intensely wild, crazy film, one that is almost impossible to describe without spoiling its secrets. I said then and there that whatever distribution company ends up acquiring it will absolutely have its work cut out for...
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Peek at this new image from Safe Neighborhood

Anyone who grew up in the suburbs will relate to the newest image from the Aussie thriller  SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD , from director Chris Peckover. It mirrors a previous image (seen above), showing a besieged family staring nervously out a window. The suburban tale of terror paints an accurate image of the paranoia of secluded family homes and the image of faces at windows is an...
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Olivia DeJonge is in danger in new Safe Neighborhood pic

Chris Peckover's  SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD has just dropped a new image, of THE VISIT star Olivia DeJonge, and she certainly doesn't  seem  safe. The snowy thriller looks like the perfect selection for a twisted Christmas screening, at least in Australia. The film debuts in December over there, though there's no American release date set yet. Check out the image...
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Clip: A ghostly prank goes way wrong in the Cairnes Bros.' Scare Campaign

If you're in a horror movie, maybe just steer clear of pranking people. That advice would definitely have helped the kids of THE BURNING . Or TERROR TRAIN . Or the girls living in THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW . Or Shelley in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 . HELL NIGHT . KILLER PARTY . SLAUGHTER HIGH . Just don't do it, kids. The folks in the Cairnes Brothers'  SCARE...
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The Cairnes Bros.' Scare Campaign to hit the U.S. this October!

SCARE CAMPAIGN , Colin and Cameron Cairnes' followup to the tremendous Aussie gore comedy 100 BLOODY ACRES , is finally hitting the States! I personally can't wait, because I adored their blending of backwoods horror tropes and fresh gross-out comedy. You can catch the flick on VOD on October 24th , just in time for a bloody good Halloween celebration. Check out a...
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Safe Neighborhood characters don't look safe in new images

If the neighborhood in director Chris Peckover's thriller SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD lived up to the title, it wouldn't be much of a thriller. Thankfully, a new batch of images have been released online that prove the characters in this film are definitely not safe. Scripted by Peckover and Zack Kahn, SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD dreams up a nightmarish Christmas:  Set in a...
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Virginia Madsen and Patrick Warburton enter Safe Neighborhood

Oscar-nominated horror veteran Virginia Madsen, whose genre credits include CANDYMAN , THE PROPHECY (1995), and THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT , is once again heading into some dark territory, having signed on to co-star in director Chris Peckover's thriller SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD , which is currently filming in Sydney, Australia. Madsen joins the previously announced Olivia...
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Safe Neighborhood to reunite The Visit co-stars

In a perfect Shyamalan twist, the upcoming Chris Peckover film SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD will reunite THE VISIT co-stars Olivia DeJonge and Ed Oxenbould. DeJonge has been attached for some time, but Oxenbould is joining in an as yet unspecified role. THE VISIT was a mildly divisive flick, but Oxenbould certainly stole the show so he's a very welcome presence in this intriguing...
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Prepare for a Scare Campaign with this teaser for the Cairnes Bros. film

We last told you about SCARE CAMPAIGN when it was initially announced back in February . We had cause to celebrate the film's impending existence, as it comes from the demented minds of the Cairnes Brothers (Colin and Cameron), the duo behind the wickedly fun Australian romp 100 BLOODY ACRES. Some time has passed, the boys got the job done, and now SCARE CAMPAIGN is ready to be seen by the...
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Universal is bringing M. Night Shyamalan's The Visit to your home

M. Night Shyamalan's THE VISIT reached cinema screens in September and not only pulled in a nice profit - earning over $91 million worldwide on a budget of $5 million - but also became the director's most well-reviewed film since SIGNS in 2002. Arrow in the Head's own Jake Dee gave it a 6/10  and our managing editor Eric Walkuski gave it an 8/10  review, in...
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