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Blinding new poster for Battle of the Damned, starring Dolph Lundgren

We're huge Dolph Lundgren fans around these parts, so when we first heard that Lundgren would be taking on zombies in the upcoming BATTLE OF THE DAMNED we were stoked! So far we've seen a German trailer and a handful of stills from the action/horror hybrid, and today we have a brand new one-sheet to share with ya below. Lundgren, looking like a total badass (as usual),...
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A new one sheet for The Arrow's The Shelter and a location visit!

Hey all, as I had reported here , I recently launched a crowd-funding campaign for my film THE SHELTER starring the great Michael Pare (Streets of Fire)! How is it running a campaign? Phew. I'll get back to you on that. Lets just say I am learning a lot about A LOT! On that, feast your retinas on a new one-sheet (below) that we just whipped up for the campaign. Hope you...
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