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Storyboards, script pages, and first casting for Rise of the Living Dead

Last month , George A. Romero's son Cameron Romero (who also goes by the name George C. Romero) announced that he was moving forward with his long-in-the-works prequel to his father's film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD in tribute to the late master of horror. Since then, the younger Romero has shared some peeks behind the curtain at the project, titled RISE OF THE LIVING DEAD...
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Cameron Romero is making Rise of the Living Dead in tribute to his father

It was three years ago when we first heard about a zombie project that was at the time being called NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: ORIGINS or simply ORIGINS, a project that stirred up attention and interest because it was set to be directed by Cameron Romero, the son of late master filmmaker George A. Romero, stepping into his father's DEAD universe. Cameron Romero wrote the...
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George A. Romero can't get his zombie noir made

After essentially rebooting his zombie apocalypse universe for the modern age with the 2007 found footage film DIARY OF THE DEAD , master of horror George A. Romero said he had plans for three spin-offs that would each follow different characters introduced in DIARY. We got one of those soon after, 2009's SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD , which followed a National Guard soldier played by...
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Radar Pictures to produce Cameron Romero's Night of the Living Dead prequel

It has only been a few months since we learned that none other than George A. Romero’s son, Cameron, was quietly bringing a prequel to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD to life. Titled ORIGINS , Variety got the word that Radar Pictures has come on board to produce the film with production set for later this year. I guess if there was going to be a prequel to one of the greatest indie...
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Updates and casting news on Leprechaun: Origins

We've been hearing about the reboot of LEPRECHAUN for quite some time, but news has been slow coming to us. It was back in May when we learned that Spielberg discovery Zach Lipovsky had been tapped to helm the flick, and we've known for a while that WWE star Dylan Postl, better known as the wrestler Hornswoggle, would be playing the titular tiny terror. Now we're hearing...
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