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Oscar-winning production designer Rick Heinrichs goes to work on Dark Shadows

Rick Heinrichs, one of cinema's most prodigious production designers, has been hired to create the sets for Tim Burton's DARK SHADOWS , reports Comic Book Movies. Heinrichs recently finished work on CAPTAIN AMERICA , and has films like THE WOLFMAN , THE BIG LEBOWSKI and Ang Lee's HULK to his credit. In 2000, he won an Oscar for his work on Burton's SLEEPY HOLLOW...
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Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino scoring Let Me In

Michael Giacchino is one of the best composers working today. Anyone who has heard his melodies for "Lost" or his Pixar efforts RATATOUILLE , THE INCREDIBLES and UP can testify to that (his STAR TREK score isn't too shabby either). So it's a relief to anyone who was slightly unnerved by the music in the LET ME IN trailer to know that Giacchino has been tapped to provide tunes...
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