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Cool Horror Videos: A scene-by-scene comparison of Sam Raimi's Oz the Great and Powerful and Army of Darkness!

Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up! You see this? This... is a mind blowing video from a new web series from Maddoxaom called, “I liked it better when…" where he does an insane scene-by-scene comparison of both Sam Raimi's recent OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL and his classic ARMY OF DARKNESS . The result is pretty awesome as it looks like Raimi...
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It's the Booze Talkin': Stop Cock Teasing Us with Evil Dead 4 and Do It Already!

I remember it like it was yesterday: sitting in Hall H in the middle of the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con, watching eagerly as Universal presented their line-up of upcoming awesomeness. Director Sam Raimi was telling us all about DRAG ME TO HELL and showed us a few clips that made most of us cheer and jump up and down in our seats. When the Q&A part of the program started, a fan stepped up...
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