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Scream Factory reveals Sleepaway Camp 2 and 3 cover art!

Scream Factory, always looking to make us happy campers, has done us the service of revealing the cover art for their upcoming releases SLEEPAWAY CAMP 2: UNHAPPY CAMPERS and SLEEPAWAY CAMP 3: TEENAGE WASTELAND . Both were cooked up by artist Nathan Thomas Milliner, who crafted the successful artwork for last year's release of SLEEPAWAY CAMP . SLEEPAWAY CAMP 2 stars...
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It's the Booze Talkin: Do we need a Sleepaway Camp remake?

Summer camp may be a few months away, but aside from Crystal Lake there is another nightmarish campground horror fans like to return to. In the 1983 cult classic SLEEPAWAY CAMP, a group of young folks are terrorized during their stay at Camp Arawak by a violent and creative psychopath. The gruesome murders included a beehive dropped into a bathroom stall, a straightening iron and a very...
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Kill of the Day: Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988)

When you talk about the hey-day of horror movies what decade comes to mind? Personally, and I'm sure a lot of you would agree, I immediately think of the 80s. Oh the horror flicks of the 80s. I can watch most of those gems over and over again. One franchise that seems to get a bit overlooked within all the others is the SLEEPAWAY CAMP franchise. Sure that twist ending is a bit of a...
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