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Dissecting Jason Voorhees!

JASON VOORHEES! GET FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION HERE Okay friendos, let's hear about it...how was your Friday the 13th? You still tipsy or what? Did you have any sinister black-cat encounters or suffer any ill-fated superstitions of some kind? Or better yet, did you make some much deserved, celebratory time for Mr. FRIDAY THE 13TH himself,...
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Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension now shooting and will be 3D

Our brothers in gore Bloody-Disgusting just got an exclusive confirmation that Paramount Pictures PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5: THE GHOST DIMENSION is presently shooting (trying to make that original March 13, 2015 release date) and will sport post-conversion 3D. Is that good news or bad news? You tell me! But for some reason found footage and 3D don't sound like a good mix to me!...
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Ex Machina helmer Alex Garland takes on Annihilation for Paramount

Well that didn't take long... Only a day or two after the net was flooded with the first posters and trailers for Alex Garland's EX MACHINA, it looks like Paramount liked what they saw enough to give the dude a follow up gig. According to Variety, Garland has been hired to write (adapt) and direct upcoming thriller ANNIHILATION , a movie first told you about last March. The...
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Paranormal Activity 5 gets new date and title: Ghost Dimension!

Ready to enter the ghost dimension?! Paramount Pictures sure hopes so, as it has just titled its latest PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film just that. Yes, from the studio that brought you Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol now comes PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION . Oy. The sixth film in the franchise has also been given a March 13, 2015 release date, breaking from its...
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Brad Fuller confirms Jason will return in new Friday the 13th

We've known for a while that a new FRIDAY THE 13th film would be coming our way with Paramount penciling in a November 13, 2015 release date, but what we don't know is the direction the next film will take. We've heard rumors ranging from a 3D film to a found footage angle, but haven't had confirmation on either of those from the producers or studio. Most recently we...
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Paramount aiming for an October 2015 release for Paranormal Activity 5

Back in June we learned that Paramount had pumped the brakes on their successful PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise, with the fifth entry in the series being delayed until 2016. Now it seems that things have taken a better turn for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 with Paramount aiming to have it ready for an October 2015 release. Bloody Disgusting shared the news that the project is now being...
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John Goodman in talks to star in Dan Trachtenberg's Valencia for Bad Robot

Back in April we learned that JJ Abrams‘ Bad Robot had signed commercial director Dan Trachtenberg to direct their latest project , the thriller VALENCIA, for Paramount Pictures’ Insurge division, with the film greenlit for a fall start. Today Variety is reporting that RED STATE's John Goodman is now in talks to star in the thriller. Trachtenberg, a successful...
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Top 10 Friday the 13th Movies (Ranked!)

AHHHH YAY-UHH! Today's the day, friends. The annual unofficial horror holiday...FRIDAY THE 13TH! Halloween notwithstanding, this has to be the best day of the year for horror fans, right? That is, unless you have a problem with my man Voorhees and his ruthless day of reckoning. If so, get the fuck out of here Jack, we don't need your kind. We're all about the hockey mask around here, and...
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Paramount acquires Denis Villenueve's Story of Your Life starring Amy Adams

Paramount must like what they see so far from the alien invasion tale STORY OF YOUR LIFE , because they just dished out a ton of dough to acquire it. The trades are reporting Paramount spent $20 million to distribute the Denis Villenueve film in North America. They're also looking to distribute in China, while other territories will surely be lining up at the Cannes Film Festival to...
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Dan Trachtenberg to helm Valencia for Bad Robot, Paramount's Insurge

JJ Abrams‘ Bad Robot has signed commercial director Dan Trachtenberg to direct their latest project, the thriller VALENCIA, for Paramount Pictures’ Insurge division, according to The Wrap. The film has been greenlit for a fall start. Trachtenberg, a successful director of commercials and short films, has been attached to several movies over the past few years,...
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First character details for Paranormal Activity 5 revealed

What's that you say? You're already sick of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films? Well that's not gonna stop Paramount from bringing us another entry in the successful franchise as we'll be seeing PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 haunting theaters later this year (good news for those of us who dig the films! Yes, we exist!) and today we've learned some details on what kind of...
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Paramount retitles found footage sci-fi flick Almanac to Welcome to Yesterday

Back in April we told you about Platinum Dunes/Paramount's upcoming found footage sci-fi flick ALMANAC, which Platinum Dunes partners Andrew Form and Brad Fuller produced alongside Michael Bay from a script by Jason Pagan & Andrew Stark. Not much was known about the Dean Israelite-helmed flick at the time other than the fact it was a found footage film centering around time...
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