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The Martyrs director heads to a Ghost Land for first film in four years

Pascal Laugier, the director of the notorious French extremist flick MARTYRS , hasn't directed a film since his 2012 Jessica Biel flick THE TALL MAN . Apparently continuing his trend of only directing a film every four years (his only credit before 2008's MARTYRS was HOUSE OF VOICES in 2004), this year he's set to helm  INCIDENT IN A GHOST LAND from a script he also...
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Martyrs remake moving forward; The Goetz Brothers to direct

The long-gestating remake of Pascal Laugier’s MARTYRS seems to finally be moving forward as the folks at Fantastic Fest have shared an early sales poster out of Berlin’s EFM that reveal the production companies working to bring it to the screen as well as who will be taking the helm on what is being billed as " The Ultimate Horror Movie ". Jason Blum's...
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13 Sins helmer Daniel Stamm explains what happened with that Martyrs remake

Back in late 2010 we learned that THE LAST EXORCISM director Daniel Stamm had been tapped to helm the American remake of Pascal Laugier's ultraviolent tale MARTYRS , much to the dismay of fans of the disturbing French original. Now several years later Stamm has spoken out as to why the remake has yet to be seen. Stamm is currently promoting his latest film, the excellent 13...
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Kill of the Day: Martyrs (2008)

Kill of the Day: Martyrs (2008) I wonder how often other countries look at a US horror flick and think - Man that's an amazing horror film. I bet it doesn't happen that often. On the other hand I know for a fact we're always praising genre flicks from other countries. Take Pascal Laugier's MARTYRS for example. The flick has great praise coming out of it's...
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The Theatre Bizarre 2 rounds up a slew of French horror helmers

If you liked the surreal horror anthology THE THEATRE BIZARRE , then you'll be ticked by the news regarding its sequel, which is subtitled GRAND GUIGNOL . Bloody Disgusting has received the word that a batch of directors known for creating some of the more vivid genre pictures in recent memory are banding together to make THE THEATRE BIZARRE 2 a rather delectable French cuisine....
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