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More casting for Hidden in the Woods

HIDDEN IN THE WOODS has added two more members to the upcoming remake with Chris Browning (above) and Ricco Ross ( ALIENS ). Together they will be joining the stellar line-up of Michael Biehn, Jeannine Kaspar, Electra Avelan, Mark Burnham, Jennifer Blanc, Richard Gunn, Caitlin Keats, Matthew Alan, Mark Gantt, Cheryl Hawker, Greg Ingram, Evie Louise Thompson, Grace Powell, Larry Carroll,...
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New poster for Hidden in the Woods shatters around Michael Biehn

Patricio Valladares' English-language remake of the Chilean horror film HIDDEN IN THE WOODS has been giving us a lot of great things to look with a solid cast led by genre favorite Michael Biehn. Not only do we get an all new badass poster for the flick to stare at but we've also learned that the William Forsythe has been locked into a role for the film as well. Forsythe is brilliant in...
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Chilean horror flick Hidden in the Woods scooped for 2013 U.S. release

Well well, here's a pleasant surprise. After learning this past summer of Michael Biehn and wifey Jennifer Blanc's plans to remake Chilean horror film HIDDEN IN THE WOODS , Artsploitation Films has scooped up the original with plans for a 2013 U.S. release. How about that! Starring Siboney Lo (below), Serge Francois, Carolina Escobar, Jose Hernandez, Daniel Antivilo, Domingo...
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