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Enclosure w/ Fiona Dourif hits digital download this May in the UK

UPDATE: ENCLOSURE is the film's UK title and this info is on the UK release of the flick. If you live here in the US you can buy the movie - again, titled ARBOR DEMON here in the US - right HERE . Enjoy! Okay, so the movie ENCLOSURE was first named - stick with me here - ENCLOSURE. The flick was then retitled ARBOR DEMON . Now, the film is going back to its original...
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Trailer: Fiona Dourif and Jake Busey take on the Arbor Demon

Last May , we caught word of a film called ENCLOSURE, directed by Patrick Rea and starring Fiona Dourif, Jake Busey, and Kevin Ryan. In the months since that report, ENCLOSURE has secured distribution from Gravitas Ventures and undergone a title change - it's now known as ARBOR DEMON ... which sounds a bit goofy, but at least it's a more interesting title than ENCLOSURE....
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Fiona Dourif has a bad camping experience in Patrick Rea's Enclosure

Fiona Dourif is the daughter of horror royalty, and it looks like she's going to have a solid career in the genre herself. She has had a recurring role on True Blood, checked into the FEAR CLINIC , and was menaced by a killer doll voiced by her father Brad in CURSE OF CHUCKY . Now the younger Dourif has a lead role in director Patrick Rea's horror film ENCLOSURE , which will...
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Last Shift and The Invoking 2 to hit home video in October; trailers here

What's better than direct-to-DVD horror? Well, lots of things, but if you're of a certain mindset (and I am), it's easy to have a blast  rooting through the dustbins of the genre and sometimes unearthing absolute gems . This October will be seeing an influx of horror titles thanks to the Halloween season, but right out of the gate we'll be getting LAST SHIFT and...
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Lionsgate delivering a Nailbiter on DVD in May

Filmmaking is a long, tedious process, oftentimes taking much longer than expected to write, fund, produce, edit and garner distribution for a film. It's especially tough for indie filmmakers. We've been covering patrick Rea's indie horror NAILBITER for quite some time, beginning back in 2008 with the first word on the film, then again in 2009 with the first images from the flick. It...
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