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Take a wild ride with Aimy in a Cage on January 8

While the poster for AIMY IN A CAGE features the usual "A Hooroo Jackson Film" credit, the credit at the end of the teaser says the movie is "A Hooroo Jackson Trip", a label that seems very appropriate, going by the imagery that is on display here. Jackson's visuals are so unique that mash-ups of master filmmakers are being used to describe the...
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New trailer for giallo The Editor, plus Blu-ray details from Scream Factory!

  Astron-6's giallo send-up THE EDITOR is finally being released this September, and distributor Scream Factory has seen fit to lay down a new trailer for the grisly horror-comedy, as well as reveal the final specs for the Blu-ray.  Any trailer where Paz de la Huerta is not the most ridiculous aspect has to be seen to be believed. As for the latter, you can expect: • Audio...
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Paz de la Huerta is suing the Nurse 3D director for ruining her career

Paz de la Huerta, star of 2014's NURSE 3D , is now at the center of one of the more distressing celebrity lawsuits swirling around Hollywood these days. And that's saying something.  The 30-year-old actress is currently suing the makers of NURSE 3D for $55 million, claiming that starring in the film (which only made around $5,000 in domestic box office) ruined...
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Shout Factory acquires giallo comedy The Editor

  Giallo send-up THE EDITOR , from the crazed production team of Astron-6 (MANBORG, FATHER'S DAY), has been acquired by Shout Factory for U.S. distribution, according to a press release received only minutes ago. The distributor plans a strategic rollout on a variety of entertainment distribution platforms and in all packaged media through Shout’s genre label and horror entertainment...
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Stunning new poster for Astron-6's The Editor, starring Paz de la Huerta

I’m not entirely sure how they’re doing it but Astron-6's latest creation, the giallo-inspired throwback THE EDITOR , has conjured up yet another brilliant piece of poster art; this is probably my favorite one yet. Not too long ago we caught a teaser trailer for the Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy directed horror-comedy, so be sure to check that out HERE . Why is...
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Bloody new images from Astron-6's The Editor, starring Paz de la Huerta

One film that I am really looking forward to is Astron-6's latest creation, the giallo-inspired throwback THE EDITOR , which is not only walking away from its premiere at TIFF with fantastic reviews, but it looks perfectly insane. The latest stills, which we just got our hands on thanks to Twitch, offer up a blood soaked new look at THE EDITOR, from Matthew Kennedy and Adam Brooks....
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Retro poster for Astron-6's The Editor, starring Paz de la Huerta

Astron-6, the cinematic mad men behind films like FATHER’S DAY and MANBORG, are showing up to TIFF’s Midnight Madness in the coming weeks with their giallo-inspired new film THE EDITOR , from directors Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy. With the film’s world premiere just around the corner, UK-based artist Graham Humphreys has designed a rather insane new poster with...
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TIFF teaser for Astron-6's giallo-inspired The Editor, starring Udo Kier

Back in November of last year we learned that genre legend Udo Kier and AMERICAN MARY actress Tristan Risk had signed on for rowdy film collective Astron-6's giallo-inspired THE EDITOR, and today we have the teaser for the film to share with you before its screening as part of the 2014 Midnight Madness lineup at TIFF. Starring Matthew Kennedy, Adam Brooks, NURSE 3D's Paz...
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Horror Movie Hotties: Nurse 3-D (2014)

So, did anyone check out the new NURSE 3-D when it theaters earlier this year? Of course not, and that's okay. It wasn't a big release, and it didn't necessarily recieve critical acclaim from anyone. It's main selling point was probably the really, really ridiculously good-looking Katrina Bowden, along with the rumor that there would be lots of nudity. While there i s...
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Nurse 2 might be checking in, according to Paz De La Huerta

Considering the source, we should take this "news" with a healthy grain of salt… but if it pans out, you can absolutely count me in. We might be treated to a NURSE 2 (or NURSE 3D 2, as it were), if actress Paz De La Huerta is to be believed. The eccentric actress gave her Twitter followers an Easter treat yesterday when she tweeted Nurse 2 is on its way , followed by RT if u...
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Nurse 3D Blu-ray release details and cover art!

Currently available to WATCH HERE is Douglas Aarniokoski's NURSE 3D , but for those of you looking to add this one to your collection, we've got all the Blu-ray release details you'll need right here. Lionsgate will release the film on Blu-ray this April 8th which will include both 3D and 2D versions of the film as well as an Ultraviolet copy. Not bad, not bad at all....
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Nurse (Movie Review)

PLOT: Abby Russell is a caring nurse by day, killer of lecherous men by night. When the object of her affection, a rookie nurse named Danni, spurns her advances, the already-unstable murderess goes on a rampage that should keep her quite busy at her day job. REVIEW: Where to begin with NURSE (aka NURSE 3D in select theaters)? I guess we begin with Paz de la Huerta. Hell, of...
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