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Creep 2 has finished filming & is coming soon!

Just this past Friday I was finally able to check out the first episode of the Duplass Brothers' new HBO anthology series, ROOM 104 . The first episode kicked off as a horror entry and featured a super creepy kid. I suggest checking it out.  Speaking of the brothers Duplass, Mark Duplass made a fright flick a few years back called CREEP , which has since been quite the...
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Blumhouse nabs found-footage horror pic Peachfuzz from the Duplass bros.

With Sundance kicking off today, expect to hear about all kinds of pick-up and distro-deals in the next 10 days or so. And we start with PEACHFUZZ , a found-footage horror flick that just got acquired by Blumhouse Productions. Patrick Brice directed the film from a script he co-wrote with Mark Duplass (Pete from "The League"). Duplass and his brother Jay (of BAGHEAD fame), produced...
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