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No one comes back in new Penance Lane poster

Tyler Mane, his production company Mane Entertainment and HATCHET III director BJ McDonnell are teaming up on PENANCE LANE , a horror film also set to star Daniel Roebuck, Leslie Easterbrook, Muse Watson and Renae Geerlings. The film is still in the process of raising funds, but we thought it was worth highlighting a new promo poster recently slapped up on the project's official...
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Tyler Mane and Hatchet III director journey down Penance Lane

Tyler Mane has mounted the horror film PENANCE LANE , which is set to be directed by HATCHET III helmer BJ McDonnell. Mane's production company Mane Entertainment, will produce; the man has been attempting to get this off the ground since 2009 , so good on him for sticking with it! Here's the synopsis: Meet Crimson Matthews, an ex-con with violent tendencies, walking away...
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