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Brad Dourif is a mad scientist in The Control Group

Brad Dourif has returned to deliver another vocal performance as the iconic killer doll Chucky for CULT OF CHUCKY , which is scheduled to be released this Halloween. But we don't have to wait until October to see (or hear) Dourif bring to life a maniacal character who enjoys tormenting people. Thanks to Wild Eye Releasing, we can catch Dourif doing that right now on North American...
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Poster for Peter Hurd's The Control Group starring Brad Dourif

There's a pretty cool horror flick on the horizon of the indie variety from director Peter Hurd called THE CONTROL GROUP , and today we snagged a look at the film's very cool poster which puts an abandoned insane asylum on display. This one has been quietly under our radar but it sounds like it's going to rope together some of horror's best elements as it looks like we'll be seeing...
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