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Kurt Russell-starring Bone Tomahawk secures UK deal; could U.S. deal be far behind?

Earlier this year we reported that the upcoming horror-western BONE TOMAHAWK had landed one hell of a cast , with Kurt Russell joining Peter Sarsgaard, Jennifer Carpenter and Timothy Olyphant for author-turned-director S. Craig Zahler's feature debut, and while the film has yet to shoot (filming is scheduled to begin next April), Screen Daily is reporting that The Works has picked...

Kill of the Day: Orphan (2009)

How do you guys feel about 2009's ORPHAN? I dug it. The flick was pretty original and I had a good time with it. Hell I even remember seeing this thing in theaters and cheering out loud at the end. What part did I erupt in chorus at? Well today's Kill of the Day of course! In this scene we've got the final showdown between Vera Farmiga's Kate and Isabelle Fuhrman's Esther. When Farmiga...

Magnolia lassos Kurt Russell-starring horror-western Bone Tomahawk

Late last year we told you about a cool sounding horror-western heading our way called BONE TOMAHAWK that is set to star the always awesome Kurt Russell, and today we have the news out of Cannes that Magnolia Pictures has acquired the S. Craig Zahler helmed flick with 2929 Entertainment onboard to fully finance the movie which will co-star Peter Sarsgaard, Jennifer Carpenter and...

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